People. Business. Each is essential to the other. The better the people, the better the enterprise. At Paladin, we strive to bring the best of both together.

For our law firm, corporate and institutional clients we offer:

  • Long term relationship of trust
  • Experienced team of professionals dedicated to adding value to client organization
  • Deep legal industry knowledge, experience and contacts
  • Skill and ability to advance firm’s strategic plan through targeted mergers and acquisitions
  • Access to national and international database of available applicants
  • Industry leading duration guarantee
  • Candor and confidentiality; full compliance with NALSC Code of Ethics

For our candidate clients we offer:

  • Full confidentiality
  • Career path prioritization, assessment and coaching
  • Resume development and editing
  • Compatibility profile assessment
  • Pre- and post-interview assistance and evaluation
  • Access to large database of positions and network of national law firm leaders
  • Focus on long-term, professionally rewarding placement

We always provide the necessary information to those we serve.

We will tell you what you need to know, not simply what you want to hear. At Paladin, we will serve your best interests.