The professionals at The Paladin Group are quite different from other recruiters with which I have worked. As a firm CEO, which I was formerly, I had the luxury of working more closely with recruiters than most of my peers who manage their firm and also have a full time law practice. I really appreciated that they were willing to get to know me, inquire about my vision as well as our firm culture. That took time and time they invested. As a result, and most importantly, they brought us great candidates that were excellent cultural fits within the firm. I am no longer our firm’s managing partner but I appreciate how the principals stay in touch with me and still value my relationship with them. These are good people and I give them my highest recommendation.

I enjoy working with the recruiters at The Paladin Group because they bring our firm great candidates that are well vetted up front. The attorneys they place with us are productive right away and they are great people, as well. We just completed a long search for a successor to an important partner with a unique practice who plans to retire in a few years. The search was prolonged due to our changing the parameters a few times during the process and the limited number of attorneys in our area that have the qualifications necessary to succeed this attorney. I appreciate that they didn’t give up on us and brought a candidate to us that was just what we were looking for.

I know the principals at The Paladin Group well. Not only do they bring us great candidates who become stellar hires, they provide me with facts and figures about the marketplace; market intelligence I really appreciate as a manager. The extra value they bring is something I really appreciate.

As a water lawyer, I get a lot of calls from recruiters. I never engaged with one until I got a call for a recruiter at The Paladin Group in June 2013. Something about the initial conversation was different than the other recruiters’ calls I received. Not only was it professional but it was interesting. I didn’t feel like someone was trying to sell me something. I was contacted about an opportunity with a prestigious environmental firm. I was interested as well as excited by the opportunity as I have great respect for the firm and the lawyers there. But, after interviewing with them, it didn’t seem like the right fit for me. The recruiter and I talked about it and, to my surprise, he totally agreed with me. He demonstrated that he was chiefly concerned with the best interests of me, my family and my career and not a quick fee. He earned my trust to such a degree that we became friends, stayed in touch and almost two years after that initial phone conversation, he found for me a near perfect career opportunity in May of 2015.

I contacted The Paladin Group after a former partner at my previous firm recommended that I do so. This partner told me at his departure that my career growth would be stifled if I elected to stay much longer where I was and that I had greater potential than the firm would allow me to reach if I stayed. After getting over my surprise from his advice, I reached out to one of the principals at Paladin in December 2014. Not long after contacting him, I was interviewing for an ideal opportunity with a national labor and employment firm. I was competing against nine other candidates for two associate openings. On paper, I was not a top candidate but I have a good story having put myself through college and law school after the passing of my father while I was in high school. Instead of looking only at what was on paper, the recruiter listened to my story and believed that I could overcome a law school transcript that was working against me in this interview process. His belief in me and the preparation I received in advance of the interviews with the firm help me land one of those two offers. A happy ending would stop there. This wasn’t a happy ending. To my disappointment, my former employer would not release me from conflicts of which I had no involvement or knowledge. After nine months, the employment firm had to rescind their offer. The recruiter continued to walk with me through this experience and, in December 2015, he helped me land an opportunity free of conflicts so I could move on to advance my career. I really appreciate the people at The Paladin Group.